Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wake up Canada!

If this country allows the Harper government to prorogue parliament again and sits by and does nothing, then as a nation we probably deserve to fall into fascism. When a nation is unwilling to stand up for democracy and justice it deserves what it gets. The very fact that people on the news channels blithely discuss the failure of the Government to abide by orders of parliament and the idea that the Prime Minister can just dissolve the nation's legislative body in order to avoid bad press and potential retribution from the majority of the House shows just how bad things have gotten. Shame on Michael Ignatieff for his disappearing act in the past week. 

This is what should be happening; the three opposition parties should be on the television every day making it clear that Canada has slipped into dictatorship. They should be filing cases and the World Court, they should be calling on the Canada to be immediately ejected from the Commonwealth of Nations. We have an serious crisis in this country, and just as Germany and Italy slipped into fascism in the 1930s, if we do nothing now we are in real trouble. But the Official Opposition is not even on the radar screen, it is like they have just given up. The NDP is making some noise but it amounts to very little unless we can get unified action on the part of the opposition. 

Wake up Canada, you are losing the fundamental structure of our democracy.


Darwin O'Connor said...

The opposition still has the option to remove the government with a non-confidence vote. There is no need to appeal to international bodies yet.

They just have to stay in agreement for more then a few weeks.

This proroguing is far from the worst thing they've done.

kirbycairo said...

The reason that I suggested that it was an international issue was because if they prorogue there is a good chance that they will be able to destroy any documents pertaining to the detainee issue and the very act of prorogation under these conditions puts us in the realm of an african dictatorship and the Commonwealth usually acts on such things so it is about time that they act on a country like Canada.