Sunday, December 13, 2009

Real Leadership

Please stand for your revered leader

(Please look closely to see that this is Harper dressed as Charlie Chaplin from his role in "The Great Dictator." )


Anonymous said...

Hey Kirbycairo, I really like your blog and am a New Democrat myself. I think it's a major dis-service to all New Dems to be posting pictures like this. I'm no fan of Harper or his policies but these Hitler comparisons(on Harper, Obama, Bush, Palin, Layton) drive good folks away from the cause.

I feel the same way when I hear a Tory or Grit shout "Taliban Jack". Harper is not Hitler, not even close to being this evil.

Again, I really like the blog and check it daily. Not trying to attack you here as a lot of people on all sides do this. It's just I would rather see him dressed as Col Klink...

kirbycairo said...

Thanks Anonymous. I appreciate your support and the comment. If you look closely you will see that it is not Harper as Hitler but as Charlie Chaplin from his film The Great Dictator. I think this actually addresses your concern.