Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mossad hit squads. . .

It is something we all know already; something that has never been in doubt; the Mossad is using professional assassination squads to kill leaders of any group or party that opposes the continual, and illegal moves of the State of Israel to take all of the Palestinian land for themselves. Surprise, surprise! Let's not forget that these are the people that invented modern terrorism in guise of the Stern-Gang and other groups. It is remarkable to me that those who blindly support Israel and condemn their opponents as terrorists forget the history that led to the formation of the State of Israel. 

These are the same people that condemn almost every Palestinian group as terrorist, forgetting or ignoring the fact that Israel continually builds illegal settlements on occupied land, pushing Palestinians families off their land and keeping them penned like cattle in terrible refugee camps with no hope for the future. If that is not a form of terrorism, I don't know what is. This is not, and never has been, a religious issue. It is a simple issue of a paramilitary state hungry for power and land which will stop at nothing to get it, including using a warped biblical argument that God promised all the region to the Jewish people. Sadly there will be no peace in the Middle East until the people of Israel admit that Palestinian people are entitled to a state of their own or equal participation in the State of Israel. I think a one state solution is best - a state that treats all the citizens of the region equally, a state in which everyone is a stakeholder together in prosperity, peace and democracy. But if the wounds run too deep and a two state solution is the only one possible, then it is not difficult. Go back to the original UN boarders, give a right of return to the refugees, and put just a fraction of the money that the West has put into Israel to make a Palestinian state viable and prosperous. But the State of Israel has always been just as terroristic and intransigent as the worst of the Palestinian groups and they won't even entertain the possibility of the elimination of the illegal settlements. 

Settlements require compromise and if you are unwilling to compromise then you can hardly condemn others for their intransigence. And if you are willing to rob people of their land and hire assassination squads and build one of the largest militaries in the world then how can you reasonably condemn others for using any means at their disposal to defend their interests. Only when the West is willing to admit that the expansionist moves of the State of Israel are as much moves of terror as missiles and bombs that anyone will be able to move forward to any kind of real peace negotiations. 

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