Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Books this week. . . .

This week's books in the mail - 

The Journals of Dorothy Wordsworth. This is one of the most interesting documents in English Literature. Ms Wordsworth had a renown intellect and her journalistic records, particularly during the years when Samuel Coleridge was the close friend of her and her brother, have been invaluable not only to academics but to anyone with an interest in Romantic literature. The saddest part of reading Dorothy Wordsworth's journals are the realization that if not for the misogyny of the society in which she lived or the sexism of the men closest to her, she may have matured into great writer. 

Charles Lamb and His Contemporaries - by Edmund Blunden. This is a book that came from Blunden's Clark Lectures in 1932 and is an excellent little text on Lamb. Blunden wrote a great deal about the Romantic writers with a great deal of insight and understanding. And of course Blunden as a renown poet and writer in his own right, and he passes his skill with words on to his criticism as well, making it exceptionally readable and always enjoyable. 

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