Monday, March 1, 2010

The hopeless Liberals. . . .

The Federal Liberal Party is, and has been for a few years now, the most hopeless group of strategists gathered in one party that I have seen outside of the American Democrats. 

It now seems clear that the Liberals are backing away from their effort to force the Government to abide by an order of the House and produce documents relating to the Afghan detainee issue. They are making noise again about a federal inquiry but they will soon let that go as well. It seems that they have backed off because the the proverbial fear of an election after the so-called Olympic boost and the good press that they think the PM has received over the Federal Response to Haiti. 

So once again we are back to the same story, the Liberals bluster about actually doing their job in opposition but when the time comes they back off because they don't see ideal conditions for an election.

When are the Liberals going to understand, winning conditions for an elections are not going to simply appear out of thin air??? YOU MUST CREATE THE CONDITIONS!!! And you do this by pushing key issues and refusing to back off. IT IS REALLY SIMPLE! 

Take this issue of the order of the House to produce documents. If you find the Government in contempt and banish a couple of ministers from the House (or even imprison them which the House has the right to do) as a penalty, this unprecedented step would make world headlines and cripple Harper. Parties that have been found in contempt and have Minister in Jail don't win elections except in Honduras. 

For some reason, conservative (not just in Canada but most Western nations) are the only ones willing to play hardball anymore. And each time you push and then back off like the Liberals constantly do, you lose a little more credibility and you bolster Harper's image of untouchability. 

Fight back you idiots, or face extinction. 

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thwap said...


They've had years to come up with a platform for the electorate.

Now they've got some little conference coming up. Meanwhile, harper gets to spit in our faces for another half-year at least.