Friday, March 5, 2010

Dear Opposition Leaders: This is a Constitutional Crisis . . . . DO SOMETHING!

Don't buy Rob Nicholson's smokescreen. It is a stalling tactic to put the Afghan detainee documents in the hands of retired judge to make a judgement that is none of his business. The Canadian parliament has the ABSOLUTE and Constitutionally guaranteed right to the documents that have asked for EVEN IF, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT, EVEN IF their release is a question of national security! That is for the House to decide, not the sitting government. The constitution is clear and the Government knows this. If Nicholson and Harper were sure of their position they would ask for a ruling by the Supreme Court on the question of constitutional rights. But they KNOW that they would lose. And Courts have ruled on such matters before and it is clear. 

Rob Nicholson, and Harper Government is in direct violation of the Constitution. They are now actual criminals who should be in jail and if the Liberals fail to immediately enforce the order of the House in one way or another then they don't deserve to be the official opposition. 

Your constitution is under attack Canadians! It needs to be defended right now. By failing to abide by an order of the House Harper has taken us into the realm of dictatorship and he knows it and so does every informed Conservative supporter. If the Liberals were denying an order of the House every Conservative in the Country would be up in arms. THIS SHOULD NOT BE A PARTISAN MATTER! This is a matter of simple constitutional law. 

I say to all three leaders of the opposition parties: do something immediately! This tyranny cannot stand. 


Anonymous said...

This is so vile, and we know they will not repent, just deny. This could potentially be the most tragic chapter in our nation’s history. Opposition must carry through with Contempt and ignore the Harper non-solution. Will they? If they don't they will have let our country down to the lowest common denominator as the U.S.

Who was it who said the media is delving deep and have more to expose?

kirbycairo said...

This wouldn't even happen in the US because no President would dare ignore an equivalent order of Congress. But we have a constitutional crisis fullblown and the Liberals and even the NDP are fiddling while Ottawa burns.

Greg said...

My suspicion is there is a faction in the Liberal Party that doesn't mind having the Conservatives bury this story and is just as desperate as the Cons to make sure the documents never see the light of day. How Iggy reacts to this over the next couple of days will tell us whether or not that faction is holding sway.

kirbycairo said...

I suspect you are right Greg. The Liberals would surely not come off without any blame here. But once the order of the House is given we cannot, under any circumstance, let it be ignored or we have abandoned the rule of law which already is beginning to mean very little in this country.