Saturday, March 6, 2010

Where did MR. Attaran see these documents. . . .?

So now the question must be asked: Where did Amir Attaran see these documents?? And if he has seen them why haven't our elected officials seen them? 

Mr. Attaran has accused the government of war crimes based upon documents that he has seen but that the government insists that our own representative are not allowed to see. And since Mr. Attaran is a professor of law, he knows the implications of accusing the government of war crimes on national television. He must be pretty sure of himself in this regard. But he knows that if the Government takes legal action against him it will only get them further into the mire in which they now find themselves. 

The next week should be very interesting. 


doconnor said...

Even if they weren't involved with the original alleged crime, the Defense Minister, and maybe even the Prime Minister, could be changed with obstructing justice for not handing over the memos to the RCMP.

How could they think the could get away with this?

kirbycairo said...

There is no question that this could quickly escalate into the largest scandal in recent Canadian history because Senior Ministers could be charged with contempt of parliament and potentially with war crimes depending on what the documents eventually reveal. And of course the Prime Minister could also be charged with a variety of offense. But it depends largely on how far the opposition is willing to push it. The opposition parties have to be willing to actually stand up for the constitution. If they do then not only is Harper's government finished but a number of his inner circle will also go down permanently from politics. Certainly Rob Nicholson and Peter Mckay would be done.

But it is very important not just to go after them because they are wrong but because if the opposition lets this stand then Canadian democracy will have been profoundly weakened because future leaders will also be able to do this kind of thing without worrying about retribution. Already Harper's prorogation has weakened democracy because he has set a precedent for future leaders to follow.

Anyone who doesn't believe that this is a fundamental issue for Canada's future is either profoundly ignorant or just hyper-partisan. We have to hope for Canada's sake that the allegations against are largely false. But it is no longer about that, it is about the power of the House to do its job.

Ken S from Ramara said...

I find it interesting that an allegation has been made my Mr. Attaran, but the PMO has yet to respond to them. I have to ask why is that. As well #CPC MP James Rajotte was barred by the PMO from doing a TV segment on CTVs PowerPlay on Friday. Again I have to ask why?