Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Is the House really supreme or not??

I must admit that I am somewhat amazed by what is going on in the House of Commons these days. The opposition parties stand up every day now and demand public inquiry knowing full-well that the Government will simply ignore the request. How long can this go on? A week? Two maybe? Eventually the opposition parties will have to piss or get off the pot, as they say. Not one of the opposition leaders has the courage to do anything! Quite frankly I am most surprised by Mr. Duceppe's recalcitrance. The Bloc really has nothing to lose here they could even force an election and probably still win a couple seats. 

My message to the opposition leaders is, if you do this for much longer you will look foolish and strengthen the Conservative supporters claim that you are just playing 'gotcha' politics. You must bring forward a motion to hold the Government in contempt, or something substantial to back up your claims that the Government is doing something wrong by not complying with the demands of the House. Otherwise your claim that the House is supreme is hollow and empty because your own actions will have proved that you don't believe this to be true. Only powerful actions on the part of the opposition will properly iterate the claim that the House is supreme. 


penlan said...

"Quite frankly I am most surprised by Mr. Dion's recalcitrance."

Am I missing something here? What does Dion have to do with this?

I'm sick of the crap too. Calling for a full public inquiry, & getting one, eg., would mean it will take at least a year to maybe get it started. And anyway I think the contempt of Parliament really needs to be addressed at this time.

kirbycairo said...
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pogge said...

I think you mean Duceppe.

Scott Tribe said...

Uh.. Dion isnt the leader of the BQ. He's the ex-leader of the LPC.

Gilles Duceppes is the leader of the BQ.

kirbycairo said...

Of course you are right guys, for some reason I often transpose these two names. Some kind of Freudian slip or something.