Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Put Rob Nicholson in Jail. . . .

As I said two posts ago, the opposition now has in their grasp the opportunity to bring this government down in a legal and complete sense through orders of the House. First instruct the Speaker to instruct the Sergeant at Arms to go the the Ministry of Defense to obtain the desired documents. If anyone stands in the way of the Sergeant at Arms put them in prison. Next, move a motion to censure the government for failing to obey the law of the land. Next put Peter Mackay And Robert Nicholson in prison for disobeying the law. And keep in mind that Mr. Nicholson is doubly guilty because he is the minister charged with ensuring people abide by the laws! And if necessary but Harper in Jail, we all know that is where he belongs. 

Don't forget people, the tradition of the British Parliamentary system is very clear, the House is the highest court in the land, when the House makes a directive no one can supersede it, not even the Supreme Court. When the government made excuses about why it 'couldn't' hand over the documents, that was just so much bile and nonsense, because the House can order you to do anything regardless of other laws, because in matters of direct orders of the House everything else is superseded. This is one of the reason why such order are rare. 

If the opposition allows the Conservative government to once again ignore the law, Harper will become further emboldened until he simply eliminates parliament altogether. And if you don't think it could happen you are just naive. 

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