Thursday, February 18, 2010

What's wrong with decent pensions???

I can only conclude that people are even more ignorant and reactionary than I usually think they are. In the past few days the media has been talking a lot about public service pensions on the heels of a meeting between Stockwell Day and the two largest unions which represent federal employees. Over and over I have heard media commentators as well as many in the public (via talk radio, blogs, and letters to the editor) who are harping on about how 'rich' the public sector pensions are and how the public servants live 'high off the hog' and how they need to be cut because workers in the 'private sector' don't have such indulgent pensions. 

Now, putting aside the fact that the public servant pensions are not all that rich and in some cases barely livable, and the fact that MPs like Pierre Poillievre qualify for much 'richer' pensions, (and in his case at the age of 32), so what if they were very good pensions??!! Why do people react to a decent pension for some people by saying 'let's cut those suckers!' If were accused of a minor crime  in a Banana republic and the judge decided on a whim to have you hanged and your accomplice set free, would your reaction be to call for your accomplice to also be hanged or for you to also be set free???? The injustice is that fact that a majority of working people in this country don't have a decent pension, not that a few public sector employees do! Instead of buying into the Conservative propaganda that public servants are a bunch of lazy know-nothings living like kings off taxpayer's dollars, people should be actively working to join and strengthen unions that encourage and commit to pensions, or to work to make some form of universal pension that will ensure everyone a good life in their elderly years. If Conservatives had their way no one would have a pension except those rich enough to create their own private pensions and as soon as you are too old to work you might as well just die. 

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Dave said...

What never, ever, seems to be recognized is that those pensions are bought and paid for by the contributors. In other words, the workers themselves.

Not to mention the horrendous clawback that occurs at age 65 when CPP kicks in.

There is nothing gold plated about a public service pensions... except for those received by politicians who seem intent on ensuring theirs aren't anywhere near the chopping block.

I receive a Canadian Forces Superannuation (not a pension) which is one-fifth of my monthly expenses. Thanks all you conservative pukes!!