Thursday, July 22, 2010

Harper, the man of smoke and mirrors. . . . .

It is said that Matyas Rakosi, the de facto ruler of Communist Hungry between 1945 and 1956 was driven by an ambition to build a certain subway line under the streets Budapest, adding to what is one of the oldest subways systems in the world. Unfortunately for Rakosi, the subsoil under this part of the capital made that particiular underground public transit line impossible to construct. This led mister Rakosi to conclude that the 'subsoil was counter-revolutionary.'

Does this remind you of anything? Harper's attack on Statscan is motivated by the facts get in the way of his agenda. And when the facts contradict him, in great dictatorship style, Harper simply seeks to get rid of the facts.

Harper, can now join the ranks of such dignitaries as Enver Hoxha, Nicolae Ceausescu, and of course Matyas Rakosi. Petty little men who didn't let the facts get in the way. Well done!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget that this would land him in the company of Vikings such as Jens Otto Krag and Harri Holkeri.

But I would have thought that you might be more favourably inclined to the census type proposed, since it is similar to those that have been in place for decades in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland - hardly bastions of social inequality.


kirbycairo said...

I am certainly no expert on the scandinavian census. However I think I understand Harper's motivation here. 1- undermine evidence that is useful for social programs of all kinds and 2- set the stage for future future privitization of many Statscan services. Pretty simple, pretty staightforward.