Friday, July 23, 2010

Harper wishes the facts would shut the F*** up. . . .

Recent events regarding the census have highlighted the modus operandi of this government; to take hold of the mantle of power in order to dismantle government as a force of good for the nation and the people. A cornerstone of this dismantling  process is the effort to shut down all voices of opposition. Up until this point they have gone after individuals who have been willing to question the actions of the government, or are willing to stand up for justice and right. This means demonizing all opposition from labeling Layton a Taliban-lover to telling us that Richard Colvin is incompetent. Shutting down the voices of opposition has meant ending the Supreme Court Challenges Program and shutting down almost all adult literacy programs in the country. Like all  anti-democrats Harper and his cronies want an uneducated, uninformed voiceless population that has no viable way of challenging the power of corporations and the arbitrary use of government power.

Now with the scrapping of the long-form census, Harper is attacking the voice of Canada itself. Regardless of all the talk and all the excuses, the goal here is to shut down the facts and undermine the processes by which government is able to formulate social programs. The ultimate goal; to shut down every part of government except those areas by which it can protect corporations and divert resources from average people to the wealthy. A long term goal, no doubt, but you can bet that this is the prize they have in mind. Step one is well under way - shut down all opposition, thwart information and facts, and make people believe that the majority who clearly oppose this government somehow don't represent real democracy, as demonstrated when they told us that any attempt by  the majority to assert itself in the House was actually an attempted coup.

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