Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Someone is abusive at the RCMP!!?? How can that be . . . . ?

So it is being reported by CBC that senior RCMP officers have filed complaints regarding the behavior of Commissioner Elliot. They accuse him of being "close-mined," "verbally abusive," "arrogant and insulting."


Now if these accusations are true, can you imagine just how abusive and arrogant a guy would have to be in order to stand out as being particularly nasty within the ranks of the RCMP?? This is an institution which at its very core has nurtured  a culture of brutality, close-mindedness, corruption, and abusive behavior. Scandal after scandal concerning the RCMP's failure to act in an appropriate fashion have emerged over the past twenty years and I am sure that there are hundreds of other incidents similar to the Robert Dziekanski are out there but were never properly dealt with because they were not caught on camera. So excuse me while I laugh heartily about RCMP officers accusing someone else of being abusive and insulting.

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