Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bellicose Baird and Pathetic Poilievre . . . . .

Yesterday I mused on what narrative the Conservatives would attempt to spin now that most of their regular ammunition has been spent and found wanting.

Just a quick update.

John Baird gave us a big clue today in his press conference to talk about the up-coming session of parliament. Since their tough on crime agenda seemed to be losing steam it seems that 'terrorism' and human-smuggling will be their new scare tactic for worrying the Canadian people. Instand narrative; just add vague, nondescript people out there somewhere trying to do us harm. And, of course, for good measure subtly demonize some third-world group of people (in this case the Tamils).

The other narrative of which we saw the beginning of today was voiced when Baird referred to their opponents as the "Toronto elite."  This is an extension of Pathetic Poilievre's talk the other day of 'Liberal Conspiracy theories.' These guys must sit around a table and brainstorm ideas which they think will manipulate the electorate with shameless and inflammatory gutter-talk. I think the Liberals should stop referring to the Harper regime as a Government and just call it a dictatorship in all of their public documents and speeches. Just do it seamlessly, don't talk about it, just call it a dictatorship until it slips into people's consciousness. And when the media asks about this label, don't answer the question, just deflect and talk about the government's shortcomings and anti-democratic tendencies. By all accounts the strategy would work and would actually be closer to fact than the "Toronto Elite" epithet.

(By the way was anyone as amused as I to hear Poilievre condemn Ignatieff for using 'negative' politics which 'he must have learned in the United States when he lived there' ??? Really?? Pathetic Poilievre is going to accuse other people of negative politics, American Style? This is like Attila the Hun accusing his enemies of being too rough! That is rich.)

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