Monday, September 20, 2010

Harpocrisy continues. . . . .

Like many people, I am tired of the entire long-gun registry debate. But above all, I am getting really tired of the Conservative hypocrisy on this issue. It is shameless hypocrisy for any of the Conservatives to complain about the opposition parties on this issue, particularly to target the NDP which is theoretically following tradition in allowing a free vote on the issue, which is a lot more than can be said than the Government. Over and over again the Conservatives have been telling people that this vote is about representing the desires of constituents. Well, if one buys this argument than many Conservative MPs should be voting to keep the registry.  But they won't because each and every Conservative MP know that this is not really a Private Member's Bill. Furthermore, given the Conservative's continual harping on the issue of representation and the desires of constituents, it is outrageous for them to criticize Peter Stoffer for changing his vote when he is changing it based upon what his constituents want. Candice Hoeppner taken  Hypocrisy to the level of an art form is pretending that this is really her bill when everyone in the country knows that it is Harper's bill. Yes, the Conservatives love to talk about 'what the people want' unless what they want is contrary to Conservative policy, in which case they couldn't care less. Seventy percent of Canadians are against the Conservatives, if they really believed in what the people want they would refuse to even form government. They are corrupt, incompetent, reckless spending, racist, hypocritical liars. It is time to put an end to this government and for the people to take back their country.


Tom said...

Since the Conservative members ran with getting rid of the gun registry as part of their policy, and since they were elected, surely they have been given the right to vote to abolish the registry by their constituents?
Since certain NDP members also ran on the policy of abolishing the gun registry, surely they also should vote to do so?
Sorry if this sounds a bit simple, doing what you were elected to do.

kirbycairo said...

Sorry Tom, your argument doesn't wash because Conservatives have consistently been making the argument that MPs should vote the way their constituents want on the issue, not according to what they said when elected. Over and over Conservatives have said in the media that what matters is voting according to constituents desires. The Cons have made the argument not me. And they fail consistently to live up to this principle. And since almost all of the Quebec Conservative MPs were elected with a plurality rather than an actual majority and the vast majority of their constituents are in favor of keeping the Gun-registry, it is the Conservatives who are failing the principles of democracy. Clear and straightforward.