Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Teneyck resigns from Government. . . I mean from Quebecor

Wow, when I heard this story on the radio I had to stop and do a quick blog about it. So a day after Clayton Ruby asks the police to investigate the fraud committed by an Ottawa based IP address against Avaaz online petition,Kory Teneycke suddenly reigns. And of course the story is made more interesting by the fact that the offensive and vitriolic Teneycke seems to have had inside information on the fraud and was writing an editorial for the Sun about it precisely as it was happening.

However, the story now takes on a whole new dimension when we consider that Mr. Teneycke made his resignation on Parliament Hill with Senior Government advisors by his side!!!???

We can conclude at the very least by all this that the Harper government was much more involved in the effort to create a so-called "Fox News North" than anyone was admitting. Since when does a vice president of a private corporation resign on Parliament Hill with members of the government by his side. This is obviously not a matter of course unless there were specific and real links between the government and Quebecor's effort for a new pro-conservative news channel.

We can further speculate, given the timing of the resignation, that there is some connection between Mr. Teneycke and the fraudulent signatures on the Avaaz petition.

Keep watching this story.

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