Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Christiane Ouimet. . . . a nail in the Coffin. . . . .

Christiane Ouimet is another in a long line of Conservative appointees who is hopelessly corrupt, arrogant, and guilty of behaviour verging on criminal. Just like the LPC that Harper was so fond of criticizing as a corrupt party of patronage, Harper appoints friends to lucrative positions in government but makes sure that they don't do their job and are in no way accountable.

However, lest anyone get cocky about their party, you can be sure that no one on the Hill will do anything about it. You can be sure that if a Liberal appointed government official were refusing to testify in front of a Commons Committee Harper's SS would do absolutely everything in their power to bring her in and even push to have her put in prison. But the present opposition is now trapped in a victim syndrome in which they are only an opposition in a de jure sense. They will never do anything to stop this government no matter how criminal, how unjust, or how anti-democratic their actions become.

The message from opposition has become "don't bother with democracy, accountability, or legality any more, Harper and his cabal are in for life, as long as we get our pensions." And the Harper regime gets away with this as a minority, imagine what they would get away with as a majority! Christiane Ouimet has proven that we have lost any semblance of a real democracy. Officials can get appointed to positions, the intention of which is to protect our system, and they can bully their staff and fail utterly to do their job, then retire with a huge severance package and pension while utterly flouting the laws of the country and neither the government (which pretends to be 'tough on crime') nor the opposition will do a single thing to stop her. And if they do decide to do something we can be sure that it will be pure show just as the more or less secret committee to expose the redacted documents re. Afghanistan has become. No one is out their protecting your democracy, least of all the Government or the opposition.

Christiane Ouimet; another nail in the coffin of a system that used to be heading toward real democracy.

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