Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We are Weak and Stupid and deserve to Die . . . .

It is remarkable isn't it?!!?

So I used to think that the Harper strategy was to simply ignore scandals and ethical corruption, having learned from Prime Minister Martin that if you actually attempt to deal with such things openly and ethically, you just get vilified for it. And we have seen that, given the ignorance and apathy of many Canadians, the strategy of simply ignoring things is pretty effective.

Today Harper took it one step further. Instead of ignoring ethical offences, Harper now turns them into acts of principle and altruism. Nixon should have tried that. Instead of coving his acts up he should have just said they were, after all, morally correct actions.

But what makes the whole thing truly sickening is that on the very day that Harper has turned ethical violations into correct actions we read that Harper's party is at a new high in the polls. Given this pattern, we surely won't be surprised if Harper and his cadre don't just start breaking laws all over the place, arresting opposition leaders and suspending the constitution, by the looks of it they would just benefit politically from such moves.

Never ask again how it is that third-world dictators have people that come out into the streets to support them in times of trouble. Apparently legal and ethical violations are not mistakes but a political strategy.

My advice, give up on Canadian politics. Any country that would put this man in office deserves to be ruled by another tinpot dictator who has no respect for law or life. And when Canada has a third-world economy, no universal medical care, no universal education, no charter of rights and freedoms, and no legal principle of habeas corpus, just remember the Canadian people threw these away willingly and as a country we deserve nothing less than to mire in the filth of our own making.

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Dana said...

Completely agree.

I have no remaining faith in either the wisdom, attention span, memory or ethical comprehension of the Canadian electorate.

This country is going to get what it deserves.

And the country is really, really going to hate it.