Friday, February 11, 2011

Oops they did it again. . . forgot their own history. . . .

One should never underestimate the potential irony of historical events. After all, Henry Kissenger once won the Nobel Peace Price. Today another such irony paraded across our television screens, an irony that no one in the main stream media will even bother to notice.

So Barak Obama gives a little speech about the great power of democracy and the people in over-throwing tyranny demonstrated in Egypt. No mention of course, of the billions of dollars that the US has given to Hosni Murbark over the past 30 years to keep him power and the active roll that the CIA has played in helping his security forces suppress democracy and actively kill and torture democratic activists. If you don't laugh you will have to cry. The gall of it is astonishing! For more than a generation the US has done everything possible to keep this man in power and to undermine any opposition in Egypt. Now in a matter of hours they just pretend that it all never happened and that the US has stood on the side of democracy all along. And if you ever had any doubt that the Media (which right-wingers never tire of saying are a bunch of liberal communists) toes the line of Western interests, just watch the coverage over the next few days and see how many mentions there are of the US's roll in maintaining Mubarak and the active roll that the CIA has had in Egypt over the past thirty years. I am guessing you be lucky to find even one mention of this shameful history. Instead, for the media each day is new and the memory is short. Shame on all of them.

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doconnor said...

I thought it was interesting that in Egypt both sides accused the other of being manipulated by the United States.