Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sad election victories. . . .

A few Electoral Victories - (Feel free to add any that might be of interest)

Richard Nixon 1972 - Won with 60.7% of the Popular vote. (Keep in mind this AFTER the Watergate break-in)

NAZI Party 1933 Germany - Won with 43.9% of the Vote.

George Wallace 1962 Alabama Gubernatorial Elections - Won with 92% of the Vote!

Jorg Haider - 1999 Gubernatorial Election in Carinthia. (Percentage unknown)

Kurt Waldheim - 1972 Elected as Secretary General of the UN.
                          - 1986 Elected President of Austria with 49.6% of the Vote. (Despite his NAZI past)

Sometimes the People elect the wrong guy, the dangerous guy, the anti-democratic evil guy.

Stay tuned.

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