Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Tories believe in Due Process. . . . NOT! . . .

With a new scandal appearing each week, it is getting to the point where one could compile a heafty book on the missteps and misdeeds of this government. From attempting to 'rename' the government to fraudulently buying elections, from lying to the House or closing it down or just ignoring its motions, to paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to former appointees to ensure their silence, this government has clearly lost the moral authority to govern, if indeed it ever possessed any in the first place. And yet of all the terrible, criminal, immoral, anti-democratic things this government has done over the past few years, I think one of the most amusing things that this regime has done has been to attempt to place itself on the moral high-ground through a supposedly 'tough on crime' stance. Not only is their crime stance almost uniformly immoral in that it looks only to punitive measures that will result in more criminals who are more effective, but given their complete disregard for the law when it comes to their own actions it is monumentally ironic too. Everyone who has paid attention to this criminal organization will immediately know what I am talking about.

Conservative MP Tom Lukiwski raised the stakes on this grand narrative irony today when he claimed that "In Canada we respect the rule of law, which includes due process." Really Mr. Lukiwski? Really? The way your party respected due process in the case of your own MP, Helena Guergis who has still never even been given the respect by your party to hear the reasons that she was ousted from the caucus when she was never indicted for anything let alone convicted? Is this the way your respect due process Mr. Lukiwski? No. The CP has demonstrated over and over again that it has no interest in due process or  the law or what is right. The CP is interested in itself and its power which it will stop at no fraudulent means to achieve and maintain while it systematically dismantles the institutions of democracy and law that this country is supposed to represent.

No, Mr. Lukiwski, you do not care about due process and you never will. Instead you will continue to the bitter end to do everything you can to undermine the law and democracy in order to wield power and to remake this country into a modern Pottersville where the dregs and the filth of society corrupt our culture in order to make a few bucks profit while living in gated communities where they don't have to see the results of their immoral and corrupt capitalism. The Conservatives are wrapped in toxic poison of hatred and immorality which is spewed from the mouths of men like John Baird and Pierre Poilievre whose truncated and withered sense of humanity is matched only by the miniature size of their shrivelled and atrophied capacity for compassion. Because they are morally empty beings without souls they will do anything they can to poison the rest of us and to destroy the hopes of civilization in a corrupted orgy of enmity and spleen in which he only human emotion left to us is relentless and savage acrimony.

Moral authority to govern? I think not. Time to wake up from the national nightmare Canada and look for a way forward to a better society.

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