Friday, March 25, 2011

Sonnet to Dr. Johnson. . . .

Dr. Samuel Johnson has been sinking somewhat into the historical mists in recent years. An odd, sometimes aggravating figure, there is much to admire about him and his memory deserves to be kept alive.

To Dr. Johnson.

Oh dear Dr. Johnson, you silly Tory fool,
If only I had learned about you when I went to school.
A rotund lexicographer, an Anglican and sap,
Always glad to have a drink, relax and take a nap.
I hate you and I love you Sam, you’re foolish yet your great,
I’ve stood in awe at old Westminster where you lied in state.
You’re politics were empty, you’re Shakespeare doesn’t please,
You’re life of poor old Richard Savage brings me to my knees.
But your tale of Rasselas left much to be admired,
And your grand text, English Poets, never left me tired.
But mostly its your person, Sam, that really makes me smile,
You were tall, robust and odd, and capable of bile,
But for a friend in dire need, you’d walk a London mile! 

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