Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hardy and Hardy. . . .

I am not surprised that Harper was so quick to agree to a meeting with Mayor Ford. They are, after all, cut from the same cloth; buffoonish clowns, agressive haters, bigots, tyrants, and fools. Of course rather than Laurel and Hardy, what we have here is Hardy and Hardy.

Can you imagine another mayor getting a face to face meeting (particular on a day's notice) with our elusive Prime Minister? Now, I am not suggesting that gun crime is not a problem but it is a certain that other communities suffer from problems that are even more significant from the perspective of death and harm. I am certain that more people die each year in Winnipeg from addiction related issue and prostitution related crime than die in Toronto from gun violence each year. Yet I don't see our aloof PM rushing there do discuss the issues. And this is to say nothing of the countless native communities in this country where suicide, malnutrition, addiction, poor housing, poor healthcare, and an education vacum are destroying entire generations.

But the rightwing in this country is not concerned with the real suffering of real people whose lives could be saved and savoured with the right help and opportunity. Rather, they are concerned with making sure the working people of this country are quiet and obedient drones. Harper and Ford don't mind if you die quietly of alcohol or asbestos poisoning, or if you are a native prostitute who is quietly murdered on some backroad of a far-flung community. As long as you don't die in a hail of noisy bullet where the media is sure to show pictures on prime-time.


Owen Gray said...

And, of course, Kirby, the prime minister has no time to talk to the premiers in Nova Scotia.

Snyder said...

He probably saw that Obama visited some victims, so he should make a show of support at least.