Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our Madman Prime Minister. . .

The rise of the Harpercon regime has largely been the direct result of a media that has utterly failed to do its job in any meaningful way. Of course, we occasionally see a green-shoot of truth in the mainstream media about the insane cabal that is our government, but overall there has been an active will of denial on the part of the newspapers and television in Canada.

The story is, of course, fairly simple, to wit; Harper is a religious madman who has taken control of our government and now actively seeks to destroy our government, our environment, and our country in general. Take a quick read of this article which is one of those rare moments of truth in the media. The very fact that this could be seen as a "news" story (and remember that the root of the word "news" is "new") after this man has been in office for over six years. Our Prime Minister belongs to an ultra-rightwing, bigoted, radical church that most Canadians would find frighteningly cult-like. But, here is the rub - most Canadians don't even know because the media isn't doing its job, and there is no sign that it will start anytime soon.

All of this begs the question - do the majority of Harper's peons who obey any of his orders realize what they are involved in? And if so when will Canadians wake up and take their country back by any means necessary?


Anonymous said...

Harper was Policy Chief, for his Northern Foundation Party, of 1989. They say Harper has links to, Christian Fundamentalists and Nazi intellectuals. That the skinheads assisted to organize, that more than shady party.

Harper certainly comes across as a tyrant and a dictator. He even has, the ranting, raving henchmen ministers.

Over 2/3 and counting Canadians, believe Harper cheated to win the election. That he is behind, the robo-call cheat election fraud.

karen said...

Funny how differently people manage to interpret things. How dominion to one means rape and pillage, and to another means taking care of and being kind to.

Beijing York said...

His religious beliefs also guide his hyper pro-Israel policy as well as his punitive approach to social welfare, crime and women's rights.

If we don't stop Harper soon, we will see ourselves morph into the most regressive conservative states we see in the US, including a return of the death penalty and regressive reproductive health laws, introduction of private prisons and the repeal of socialized health care.

Owen Gray said...

An excellent article, Kirby. seems to me we are dealing with a "new hypocrite."