Tuesday, July 3, 2012

No Justice Here. . . .

One more scumbag gone, how many left to go?

Bev Oda is an example of real human trash. She told bold-face lies to the House of Parliament, she actively supported a party that made the supposed government gravy-train a central issue and then was one of the most indulgent of Ministers, she supported a government that has systematically undermined the postion of women in society, she supported a government that exists by fraud and lies, and destroys any vestige of democracy that it can. Bev Oda is a rat among an virulent colony of rats that spread their plague of tyranny wherever they can. Goodbye and good riddance to bad rubbish.

The kicker is that there is no satisfaction in seeing her resign because she can now retire on a rich pension - the kind that most Canadians can only dream of. I wish everyone had a nice prosperous pension on which to retire - but there is something maddening about watching a person like Oda retire comfortably when she was part of a government that once condemned MP's pensions as nothing short of corruption, and a government that is doing their level best to destroy pensions for every decent person.

Goodbye Bev Oda, now if only there was some justice in your departure!

I have an idea - lets walk on Ottawa - force these bastards from office and then make all of them work with no protection in Quebec's asbestos mine and then deny then any healthcare. Now that would be sweet justice.

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liberal supporter said...

She just made her 8 years from the June 28, 2004 election so she gets the full pension.
Now all the Reformers elected in 2004 can retire.