Friday, November 30, 2012

One Man's Freedom-fighter. . . . .

Perhaps the greatest irony of the Harpercon regime (and there are literally dozens to choose from) is the difference in attitude that they take toward the people who suffer under the yoke of the Syrian government and those that suffer under the yoke of the Israeli Government. Both governments have a profound democratic deficit and both nations are repressing millions of people with systematic violence. Yet for the Harpercons, the people of Syria are allowed (even encouraged) to defend themselves, while the Palestinians are afforded no such privilege and when they do attempt (in any small way that they can) to assert their rights, the Harpercons consider them to be nothing more than terrorists to be punished.

John Baird and Stephen Harper are buffoons who are attached to some strange dispensationalism which compels them to promote the expansion of Israel into all the land of the Palestinians. Meanwhile, the Israeli government has actively pursued a strategy of stalling any talk of peace while they gradually take all the land until the whole notion of peace talks will make no sense since their will be no land left in the region that is not entirely settled by the Israelis.

Until the people of Israel truly embrace the principles of democracy and commit themselves either to a viable Palestinian state or a shared state that is democratic and equal, there will be no peace. And as long as they oppose the whole world in blind, quasi-religious support for Israel, the Harpercons will be on the wrong side of history. But then conservatives have always been on the wrong side of history, while the progressives have dragged the human race into a better future despite the regressive attitudes of the rightwing.

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Owen Gray said...

As William F. Buckley wrote, Kirby, conservatives stand athwart history yelling, "Stop!"