Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Sad Liberal Spectacle. .. . . .

As expected, Martha Hall Finley announced her candidacy for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada. And, I am sorry to say, it was another sad, pathetic, spectacle of Liberal Bullsh*t and denial. Ms. Finley claimed that the Liberals need to attack Mulcair and the NDP where they are "weakest," on the economy. Another sad example of Liberal spin, and just plain wrong. The fact is that where Mulcair and the NDP are the strongest is precisely on the economy! And here is why -

The Liberals, very sadly, continue to fail to see that though we are indeed in a recession, there is something much bigger and more significant going on. Capitalism is at a crossroads and the problems need to be addressed. Furthermore, the Liberal Party continues to live in complete denial that it is, in large part, their policies that created the problem. Oh yes, the Conservatives are terrible, but the real underlying problems of the economy are largely brought to you by Jean Chretien and Paul Martin. (The problems go back, of course, further than this but it is the Liberal Party of the 90s that entrenched the structural difficulties.)

Liberals and Conservatives can argue all they want about the short-term solutions to bring the Canadian economy out of recession. But they refuse utterly to address the structural issues. Capitalism as an economic system will collapse completely unless we radically expand the social, economic, and political power which has contracted so much in the past 25 years. Power and incomes must be significantly redistributed in Western nations, and unless that happens this recession will simply be the tip of the iceberg of economic collapse.

Neither the Liberal nor the Conservative Parties even admit that we have a fundamental problem, let alone have any actual policies to address the issue. You can claim, Ms. Finley, that Mulcair is weakest on the issue of the economy but at least economic and social equality is on his radar. You and your Liberal cohorts, on the other hand have your eyes wide shut to the fact that it is precisely YOU who brought us here and you are not addressing the problem in any way, shape, or form! The Liberals can elect a new leader and then go happily on pretending that if you are a slight improvement on the political style fo Harper then you will happily come back to power. But this just won't do Ms. Finley! More and more money and power is gathering in fewer and fewer hands and only a significant reduction in corporate power and ruling-class wealth (relative to the rest of us) will save capitalism. Ignore this very simple issue at your own peril but what is going on here is exactly what every revolution in history is made of. Inequality is the downfall of a nation and the neither Martha Hall Finley nor the Liberal Party are coming to grips with the gathering storm. Reep the whirlwind Ms. Finley and wallow in your blindness, ignorance, and denial!

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