Saturday, September 19, 2015

Harper's bigotry. . .


the salamander said...

.. PM Harper oozes contempt & conceit ..
and is caught between his own rock and own hard place.
He clearly said "new, existing, and old stock Canadians" regarding refugee medical care funding
His 'explanation' regarding the term 'old stock' was of course ridiculous squirming

What he really needs his public servant leash jerked on, hard..
is his use and definition of "existing" Canadians
caught somewhere in the Harper ideology/sociology/economics between new & old stock
Of course 'existing' implies not new and not old school

So trot your baloney explanation out some Stephen Harper.. it doesn't hold water
but then neither do you Mr PM .. the great non-public servant of Canada

Unknown said...

Lynton Crosby politics comes to Canada ...