Thursday, March 5, 2009

Canada Reads

I find it amazing that his charade of ‘Canada Reads’ continues the way it does. A group of pseudo-intellectuals pontificating as though they are authorities on literature. And what makes it truly intolerable is that they do this as though they are ‘contemporary’ and ‘hip’, all the while mired in a 19th century paradigm of literature that exhausted itself more than 50 years ago but is kept on life support by bourgeois, college mis-educated, self-aggrandizers who read glorified soap-operas  in book form that they imagine raise them to a level above  the viewers of Days of our Lives. And so they ramble off psycho-babble about novels that could have been written a hundred years ago, nauseatingly speaking as though the characters are real people, all the while boosting their egos and placing themselves in the role of ‘cultural commentators.’ The German critical theorist Theodore Adorno once wrote that “philosophy continues to exist because the moment to realize it was missed.” Similarly, your Canada Reads segment shows that “the Novel lives on because the moment to realize it was missed.” 

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Vero said...

Ha ha, I haven't seen 'Canada Reads' (a cbc production, I'm assuming) and now I am not sure whether to continue missing it or check it out for a laugh.