Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Thomas Hood Poem

Little Cairo was Cuddling up to me last night as I put her to sleep and this morning I read this poem by Thomas Hood entitled Lines On Seeing my Wife and two Children Sleeping in the Same Chamber. 

And has the earth lost its so spacious round, 
The sky its blue circumference above, 
That in this little chamber, there is found
Both earth and Heaven - my universe of love ! 
All that my God can give me or remove,
Here sleeping, save myself, in mimic death.
Sweet that in this small compass I behove
To live their living and to breath their breath!
Almost I wish that with one common sigh 
We might resign all mundane care and strife,
And seek together that transcendent sky,
Where father, mother, children, Husband, Wife, 
Together pant in everlasting life. 

Peace to all. 

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Vero said...

That's a sweet one, thanks for sharing it Kirby.