Sunday, March 8, 2009

Harper continues his flip-flops

How fast can a Prime Minister completely abandon his positions? Well, if you listen to our dear Stephen Harper, a position can be abandoned faster than you can say Afghanistan. Not only is Harper now a great believer in deficit spending, his big issue of the war in Afghanistan is now that little war that we can't win. Not that long ago if anyone even wanted to ask questions about Canada's involvement in Afghanistan, Harper essentially suggested they were a Taliban supporter. Now the Taliban has largely disappeared from his discourse and he is just talking about an 'insurgency' that cannot really be defeated. This grand flip-flop wouldn't be quite so painful if Harper had not questioned the 'patriotism' of anyone who didn't agree with him only a few months ago. 

Is this really the guy who had the gall to establish a web site called '' attacking Dion?"

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