Sunday, March 8, 2009

We cannot give in!

Those in the left who have let their egos rule over the compassion and love that is at the heart of our social conscience, they will pay the highest price in karma. They can control and attack those whom they find under their power and their evil deeds will slowly rot them from the inside and, even if they live a long life, they will be nothing but empty shells of inhumanity.  Like Dorian Gray, their flesh is only the illusion. Behind this they are the monsters that we know them to be. The price they pay is not that their souls go to hell, but it is the loss of their soul itself, it withers and dies and they can no longer live in the realm of humanity. Despite the actions of those who parade around as left wing activists yet are sad, soulless creatures, we cannot lose our the faith because we cannot be dragged down with them. 

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