Monday, April 27, 2009

Beyone the Law

Chantal Hebert is one of my favorite political writers because she is willing to take a swipe at anyone. Her recent article is another great example of how she is cuts to the heart of the matter. She shows how Harper is consistently derisive of the the law whenever courts or Parliament or the Governor General somehow violate his effort to impose his ideology. (Here is the translated version: ) Similarly Garth Turner, once a member of Harper's caucus, has emerged with a book entitled Sheeples which compares Conservative MPs to sheep who must blindly follow Harper's will or face immediate expulsion. I think people in the country are finally waking up to the fact that Stephan Harper is a serious threat to democracy in Canada. He has no interest in the rule of law, or the will of the people as translated through the will of Parliament. He is only interested in gaining power however he can. He is undermining accountability, freedom of information and every other mechanism that protects the fragile democracy we are supposed to enjoy. (And don't forget he has been working hard to gerrymander the electoral line in Ontario) When he was elected he made a strong attempt to portray the legal system and the public service as one monolithic mechanism of the Liberal Party, and since then he has proven that he will do anything he can to bypass the law. When Harper is finally torn from his desperate grip on power many in this country will breath a huge sigh of relief when we realize that we barely escaped the total destruction of or democratic system.

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