Monday, April 6, 2009

Mr. Dziekanski and the Police state

I'd like to get back to the issue of poetry and art, and I promise that I will in my next posting. But I just need to say a few words about recent events at the Braidwood Inquiry. 

Anyone who has been watching the probe into Robert Dziekanski’s death must surely be disgusted and not a little bit afraid. The fear is rooted in the realization that we are living very close to the edge of a police state. The RCMP officers who murdered Mr. Dziekanski could have gotten away with anything if the video of the event had not existed. As it is the RCMP attempted to keep the video tape and had to be ordered by the court to give it back. Before the tape surfaced the officers responsible fabricated all sorts of lies about what Dziekanski was doing before his death; attacking them wildly waving a stapler over his head in a threatening manner etc. And they would have been believed. Now they have been forced to recant their stories but their superiors are still defending them and they will not be charged with wrong doing. Aparently any kind of corrupt is just rewarded by the RCMP. Even the former commissioner of the force, Giuliano  Zaccardelli was involved in a number of atrocious scandals but he is now an official with Interpol while he should probably be sitting in a cell somewhere. But the reason that there is no political will to deal with this crime and corruption from our national police force is that this is how police states work; the police do what they want and are not properly held to account. And remember in 2006 when Zaccerdelli and his cohorts released details about an investigation into Minister Goodale in the middle of an election? This was against their own rules and a direct attempt to influence a federal election (an attempt that worked by the way). IF the RCMP can kill innocent immigrants and influence Federal elections, how safe are we from the arbitrary power that is wielded at the whim of the State’s power? 

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