Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Letter to Mr. Poilievre, (unfortunately) my MP

Dear Mr. Poilievre


As a constituent in Nepean-Carleton I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in the conduct of my Member of Parliament. It seems that you spend most of your time, and our money, campaigning against the opposition in a callous, disrespectful, and ultra-partisan manner. While your constituents are facing serious issues such as pollution, job-losses, radically rising food prices, unplanned urban sprawl, etc., you are continually presenting yourself to the public as nothing more than a disrespectful bully who conducts himself as little more than a child in public. As a parent who believes in living a responsible civic life, I encourage my teenage children to learn about politics and keep a close eye on how our government works. And they have asked me on more than one occasion why their MP is allowed to act in so discourteous and ill-mannered a way in and out of the House of Commons. And I have no answer for them. Instead, thanks to conduct like yours I have to watch my kids become disillusioned with politics and cynical about life! Please desist from tell your constituents that you support family values. Cynicism, belligerence, and blind political ambition are not family values! We cannot even depend upon you to stand by the rules, as yesterday you again violated them by indicating, in one of your ultra-partisan diatribes, that one of the Members was absent  from the house.


And the biggest tragedy for my kids and the future of this country is that when they ask me why you act that way, and they suggest that even for the sake of his own reelection shouldn’t  Mr. Poilievre act with more respect and greater decorum. I have to tell them “Well, he just doesn’t care. Even if he loses he will get a pension and enjoy a lucrative career based upon his time in the House.” And then my kids just shake their heads and ask me why they should bother with politics. But I have no answer Mr. Poilievre!  You spend our taxpayer’s money forging your own political career by continually campaigning instead of actually acting like a responsible representative and in the process you are destroying the political culture of this country, which is all tragically amusing considering that the Conservatives were first elected because of a commitment to change the political culture to a more humane and responsible discourse. Instead of laughing when one of your peers takes a jab at another, you should solemnly bow your head at this sign of disrespect and immaturity.


This is not a game Mr. Poilievre, it is real life and people out here have real problems! As a constituent and taxpayer, I demand that you start acting like an adult. This means forging compromise and cooperation while showing respect and decorum. Your present actions are doing nothing but undermining democracy itself.



Jennifer Smith said...

Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap.

Very nicely done.

RuralSandi said...

Bravo. You missed one thing in your letter. You should have also said:

"Mr. Poilievre, I would hope that you would have the maturity and grace to send me, a taxpayer and constituent, an apology and a promise not to, in future, carry on with this bad behaviour".

Nerdbeard said...

Please post the response. I often make the mistake of raising more than one issue, and so the responses I get tend to be cherry-picked, with inconvenient issues ignored. You didn't make that mistake, so I'd like to see how they handle it. No doubt any response you eventually receive from an assistant will be glib "we appreciate all input" boilerplate.

Steve V said...

Nice to see you on Prog blogs BTW, a nice addition to the roll.