Sunday, February 26, 2012

Corruption is Great! (As long as it is our corruption that is). . . .

We are now at the point where political bloggers could just write about the continual scandals and abuses of power courtesy of the Conservative Party. Today we have another one that, if the Liberals had done it, people all over the country would be up in arms about.

Taking a look at the Conservative Blogs in the past couple of weeks (or years for that matter), one can reasonably draw only one conclusion; Conservative have never really cared about all the corruption and power abuse that they compulsively complained about under the Liberal government - corruption and abuse of power is fine with Conservatives as long as it is their own party that is guilty of the crimes, no problem. In fact, we can go even further than that - we can conclude that Conservatives are actually actively in favor of Big Government, wasting federal funds, being outrageously fiscally irresponsible, abusing power, having no accountability in government, abusing power, making the military an arm of the party, illegally suppressing the vote. Conservatives are in favor of all of these things - as long as it is their own party is the one doing these things.

Well, all I can say is enjoy it while you can conservatives, because it will end your government the same way it has ended other governments. And then we can look forward to ruthless indignation on the part of the conservatives as the next government does all the things that Harper as taught them to do so effectively.

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Anonymous said...

yeah kirby. I check out blogging tories yesterday and OMFG. One chick even went so far as to say that any conservative poster who dared to criticize the robogate scam will be censored and 'too bad, welcome to the blogsophere."

I give the folks over at freedominion some credit, they actually seem to care about democracy, and are seriously peeved about bill c-30 and robogate.

But the rest of the con bloggers are such morons - I would go so far as to say I wonder if they are paid by the Harper gov't to post nothing but good things. Certainly seems that way. Their entire blogs are nothing but 'oh you are so right, Harper is amaazing, the left is just jealous that he is gonna balance the budget by 2015 so the leftist liars invented robogate'.

i mean..srsly bro! :P