Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Our taunting PM.....

I find Harper's reaction to the robo-con scandal remarkable. He expressed no real concern, no hint that something is really wrong, and simply taunts and excoriates the opposition saying "Prove it!" He claims that conservatives weren't behind the calls, even though it would be absurd for anyone else to have been behind the calls.

Now, while many might give the PMO the benefit of the doubt concerning the calls, there is obviously no question that conservatives where behind the calls. It was a large organized effort that could only have benefited the CPC so based upon the simple principle of que bono, obviously some conservatives  somewhere were behind it.

And since we know the CPC to have violated election laws before on more than one occasion, and since they have demonstrated a systematic effort in this regard, it is unreasonable to suggest that Conservatives were not behind the calls.

But what disturbs me most is the continual "prove it" mentality of the PM and his claims that the opposition is undertaking a so-called smear campaign. While in criminal matters we obviously adhere to a innocent until proven guilty principles - we should surely be holding our government to a very high standard. There is something unseemly about a government that has systematically broken and ignored the laws in the past as well as used all of its power to smear and discredit any opposition to taunt the citizens of the country by saying "na-na-na boo-boo" you can't prove anything, so there." Based upon a the preponderance of evidence that is the past, we have every reason to believe that a large national undertaking designed to benefit the Conservative Party of Canada in an election was undertaken by them. In fact, I think at this point if you don't think they were behind it, then you are hopelessly naive.

Harper sounds more like this everyday. 
It is indeed unseemly for the de facto head of state to be mired in a scandal that goes to the heart of our very democracy to be taunting us. Instead he should be concerned and be desperate to not only clear his, and his party's, image but to renew people's faith in democracy. The fact that he is not concerned and that he is taunting the nation, is pretty much all the proof you need that the CPC is at the heart of these illegal and imoral acts.


Owen Gray said...

It's pretty clear that Harper will not cooperate with any investigation.

So it's very important that Elections Canada, the press and the opposition parties continue to dig for information -- even as the Conservatives seek to bury what they know.

Anonymous said...

the conservative spin doctors for the Globe and Mail and the Montreal Gazzette are already hard at work saying how all this will blow over, there will be no hard evidence, Harper has time and money on his side etc etc.

I just hope they are wrong!

kirbycairo said...

All politicians eventually run out of time (and usually out of money too). It is very seldom that a single event spells the end of a politician or party. Rather, it is usually a cumulative effect of many smaller or medium size events that weakens a person or party in the public eye then the mood changes and it becomes like a car going downhill with no breaks, they can swerve and weave all they want but a crash becomes unavoidable. And if you think about it, it is usually their strength that becomes their weakness as it was for everyone from Hitler to Nixon. If history is any indication of future events the extreme control he has wielded and his authoritative arrogance is not only what brought Harper to power, it is surely the same thing that will bring him down. Harper and the CPC may ride this scandal out to a degree but it has been their arrogance and controlling style that has been at the root of their scandals, they cannot stop the scandals because the events are integral to their political MO. Thus it follows that such will be their downfall too.