Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Death Penalty Redux . . . . .

It is quite interesting that the very week that I decided to write a blogpost about, in part, the dangers of the  death penalty, the Harper regime decides to push its new legislative efforts at having near total control of surveillance of our citizenry. And that appalling demi-god, draconian, Machiavelli-like Vic Toews tells us that if we are not fully in favor of the police having access to everything we do, then we must be child-pornographers. Far and Wide had a good blog today on the subject.`

So they tell us that making people register their guns is hitler-like, that filling in a long-form census is a dangerous invasion of privacy, but letting the police spy on every citizen in the country with no checks on that power is no problem at all.

Now, anyone who still thinks a government could administer the death penalty without significant abuse, put your hand up. Now everyone with their hands up, go get a brain-scan, you may not have one.

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Owen Gray said...

Cathie from Canada asks the most important question, Kirby:

Who do they think they are?