Friday, February 24, 2012

Our Banana Republic. . .

Anyone who believes that the anti-democratic robo-calls were not made directly on the orders of the upper echelons of the CPC is just hopelessly nieve. This was not some guy in a basement but an organized and concerted effort on the part of the Conservatives to thwart the democratic process and since the organization that did it directly billed Stephen Harper's constituency office, it is clear that the PM is directly implicated.

However, whether Elections Canada can actually press any charges remains to be seen. What is very clear, regardless of charges, is that Elections Canada should nullify the last election on the very clear basis that the results are tainted by the Conservatives' dirty tricks. This is no less than the conservatives would call for if the calls had been sponsored by the LPC or the NDP and one of those parties had won. If the previous election continues to stand then Canada can think of itself as nothing less than another banana republic where the ruling party does anything it likes to stay in power. The CPC has demonstrated again and again that it is nothing short of a criminal organization that routinely breaks election laws in order to get elected. And with their recent gerrymandering of the electoral districts our country is now in the grips of a dictatorship, the likes of which will only be eliminated with active revolution. Do it now or do it years from now, it will have to be done eventually because with all this law-breaking it should be clear that this cabal will never give up power until they are forced to do so by the active will of the majority who oppose them.


Omar said...

Nothing seems to stick to our very own Teflon Don. I do not hold out any hope that any of this will either.

Naoshad said...

Prosecute them?

What are we going to do? Dissolve the election results? Hit reverse and undo the travesties this government refers to as legislation? Redeem ourselves on the world stage by rejoining ratified treaty we walked away from with all of the honour of the pedophile to which this government compares average Canadians?

We are where we are because the average Canadian was either stupid, indifferent, gutless or at the wrong polling station!

Nothing will change because like everything else the media and the electorate will move on and whatever issue happens to be big at the time of the next election will be what decides it for another set of incompetent twerps. The greatest failing in democracy is the voter themselves. And our fourth estate isn't doing a whole lot better.

Currently we are losing the battle for fairness and decency in Canada. Voices like yours however help us continue to battle. Despite the seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Keep up the battle!


Anonymous said...

haha I've been checking out some of the conservative bloggers sites and people are even suggesting that the NDP or LIBS are behind this in an effort to discredit Harper!! lol