Friday, March 9, 2012

Evil, Stephen Harper, and Catharsis. . . . .

It is getting increasingly redundant to write about the Harpercons, it is like continually writing that evil is bad - yes, it is, but how many times can you say it before one just gets tired? But i guess some bloggers, like myself, write in part as an act of catharsis - it relieves some of the built up frustration when you put it in writing.

But all of what we sane bloggers have been writing lately can be summed up pretty easily -

-Harper and many of his cronies are psychopathically power hungry and should be committed to the care of psychiatrists
-Harper and his government lacks majority support but govern like a dictatorship
-Harper has broken law after law in his pursuit of power and should be arrested and incarcerated
-Harper's prorogation was illegal because it was specifically made to avoid a confidence vote and therefore the government lacked legitimacy and he should never have been permitted to run for office again
- Harper and his government are guilty of hundreds of incidences of voter fraud and the present government should be liquidated forthwith
-Harper has destroyed the Constitution and is now no more than a criminal
-Harper is a mentally ill individual who will, if there is any justice, go down in Canadian history as a treasonous maniac


-a huge number of Canadians are so ignorant and themselves such fascists that Harper could molest collies on prime time television and they would still hail him (this is much like the cult of personality that followed people like Stalin - but at least Stalin was a patriot)
-When faced with difficult and challenging times Canadians . . .  well, fold like a cheap suit.
-Criminal governments usually effectively control the judiciary and the other institutions of accountability and that is how they stay in power
-The media is overwhelmingly pro-Tory (Rightwingers can no longer rationally deny this because every newspaper in the country except one endorsed the Tories)
-Many people, particularly rightwingers, like being ignorant.
-Power is self-replicating and that is why dictatorships are difficult to eliminate
-It probably doesn't matter what we do because if there was any serious threat to Harper's power (even a democratic one) he would impose martial law and refuse to give up power


-We bloggers will continue yelling into the wilderness, but to little avail
-It really doesn't matter anyway

Funny quotes of the day -
"What I have crossed out I didn't like. What I haven't crossed out, I am dissatisfied with."
                                                             -Cecil B. DeMille

"I must have killed more men than Cecil B. DeMille."
                                                             -Gene Wilder as the Waco Kid in Blazing Saddles.

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Omar said...

I find this more than a little disturbing. Oh so predictable, but disturbing nonetheless.