Friday, March 2, 2012

To Hell with Democracy. . .

Here's something to think about - the palestinians in the Gaza Strip elected Hamas with 45% of the vote (a victory well over most electoral victories in Canada) in an election that was uniformly considered free and fair. I have never once heard a Conservative (with a small "c" or a big "C") complain about the failure of governments to recognize this legitimately elected government.

Yet when the CPC wins an election here in Canada with considerably less of the vote (particularly when you consider voter turnout which is much higher in Gaza), conservatives are blithely unconcerned about tens of thousands of complaints of electoral fraud and simply accuse anyone who is concerned of being a "sore loser."

Let's put it in clear and certain terms, the CPC, and conservatives in general, are only in favor of democracy when it brings forward results that they want, otherwise they couldn't care less about it.


Omar said...

We never hear about any of the 'good' Hamas does for its people. Yes, they have some image problems and their rhetoric toward the Israeli state is problematic, but they do provide valuable social infrastructural to a people who are, putting it lightly, sorely in need.

Anonymous said...

yeah Kirby, I am so sick of hearing "Harper was given a majority mandate by Canadians, he is doing what Canadians want, live with it your poor libtard loser!"