Friday, March 2, 2012

The Noxious, Odorous, Slime that is Del Mastro...

Have you ever seen such a smarmy, creepy, two-faced, hypocritical, dishonest, schmuck as this guy???

He made a big show in the House of Commons to say that a Liberal MP had used and American firm to make election calls, not saying that there was anything dishonest or misleading in the calls, but somehow trying to imply that just the fact that it was an American firm meant that there was something wrong. Then, when he was caught in misleading the House (because, in fact, he was wrong and it was not an American firm) he ended up saying on CBC that there is nothing wrong with using American Firms to make the calls (because, of course, we know that the CPC uses American firms). So why was he wasting the House's time??? Just to attempt to divert attention (with remarkably uncreative innuendo) from the scandal in which his government is mired.

Then he says over and over on CBC to Liberal and NDP MPs "You have no evidence, You have no evidence." But of course there is plenty of evidence. It is evidence of wrong-doing. Thousands of complaints is, in fact, evidence that something is wrong! So if he and his party are pure as the driven snow, as they insist they are, why is this man (and his boss) not crying out for a full investigation of the facts and evidence????? Well, the answer is simple, because they are guilty of something. If they knew that they were not guilty of anything, they would be the first to cry out for a public inquiry. But here we see them using the same tactic that they used in the In and Out scandal - they are caught doing something wrong - they deny doing it and then when it is clear that they did do it they say everyone does it. But they were the only ones who did it and they plea-bargained.

I dare a single member of the CPC in the whole country to call for a public inquiry. They won't because they know that where there is smoke, Dean del Mastro's head is ablaze.

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Owen Gray said...

Del Maestro's claim that the Liberals misled their own voters is absurd.

In fact, Del Maestro is a character from the Theatre of the Absurd.