Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A short Update. . .

A short update on the post earlier today. Harpercon has claimed that he will relent on the issue of Elections Canada's new proposed auditing power. No doubt the heat got too much and the Tory leadership realized that amid the growing scandal the optics of this were just too potentially damaging.

However, don't take this reversal too seriously. Stephen Hapless is surely hoping that the entire scandal will blow over and that when the time comes he will be able to rescind his support for these new Elections Canada powers in a quiet way that no one will notice.

The issue still stands and Canadians deserve at the very least a full judicial inquiry.

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Anonymous said...

He also said something like 'within 6 months', which might mean 'within a year', which is past the time to contest the election, and is getting close to the maximum for prosecution.