Saturday, April 30, 2011

Answer the Question Mr. Harper. . . .

As I, and other progressive bloggers, have been saying for years now, Harper has no respect for the Law or the constitution. Not that long ago, when the idea of an opposition threatened, John Baird made cryptic remarks to Don Newman about what the party might do to prevent another party taking power. Now we have Harper's abject refusal to say whether he would abide by a decision of the Governor General to give another party the opportunity to form a minority government.

The failure to say, in a matter of fact way, that as Prime Minister he would be bound by the most fundamental law of the land to abide by a ruling of the Governor General, is tantamount to an admission of treason.

To all those conservatives who have suggested for the past few years that our fears of Harper are purely ideological and exaggerated, how can you possibly not see now that Harper considers himself above the law? If any other party leader did not answer this kind of question Conservatives across the country would go bat-crap crazy. It is time to call this man out. He clearly has no intention of abiding by hundreds of years of parliamentary tradition or our constitution. Now we must ask him the question, if he actually lost an election would he willingly give up power??

Answer the question Prime Minister! Will you abide by the law or won't you??? It is a simple, straightforward question and the people deserve an answer.

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