Saturday, April 30, 2011

Does our Prime Minister believe in the Law???

I have now watched the exchange between Harper and CBC reporter Terry Milewski a few times. Despite what Harper suggests, Milewski is not asking the Prime Minister to answer a hypothetical question. Rather, he is asking him to answer a simple legal question. To wit.; would he abide by the decision of the Governor General?

Harper's reply that he won't "reply to speculation," can be translated as Harper saying "I won't speculate on whether I will obey the law."

That is our Prime Minister. He is not willing to speculate on whether he will obey the law.


IwannabeClaire said...

The thing to remember is that Harper and his neocon/theocon cabal are cut from the same rotten cloth as the Bush/Cheney regime, a criminal gang who rigged election machine, intimidated voters, practically gerrymandered entire states, and bought off the supreme court to get their way. So far Harper's sturmtruppen have tried to grab election boxes, uttered threats and trashed election signs and personal property, and tossed out cheap smears -- and that's only Harper's troglodytic base, who obviously have a "shining" example of democracy in Stevie Spiteful with his contempt conviction.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope Harper is not going to kibosh the CBC after this; but if majority part of his secret agenda.

Anonymous said...

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Poor Dead Ned said...

The historical remedy for this problem is clear. (

Although technically, since Harper isn't royalty, the parliamentary precedent is a bit harsher. (,_drawn_and_quartered)

Arguably, the criminal code has softened the punishment a bit (

In this case I would lean more to the conservative parliamentary precedent.