Monday, April 4, 2011

Steve Didn't know!

If anyone in the country believes that Harper knew nothing of Mr. Bruce Carson's fraud convictions when he employed him as one his closest advisors for years, please stand up. Really!? Is this the best we can do? And for all of those Neandertals who still believe that the media has a Liberal Party bias, get a grip on yourself; if this were a Liberal Party affiliation, it would be the non-stop story everywhere. And don't Steve's denial make people wonder just how incompetent this guy must be? I am willing to believe Steve's ignorance on countless things, but not this.

The whole thing brings more shades of Nixon in '72. A man who is clearly a criminal getting reelected. And I wager that if Harper does win reelection, Canadians will regret it much the way Americans did in the years (and decades) following Tricky Dick's reelection.

Wake up Canada, and let's "Heave Steve!"

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Anonymous said...

If Harper didn't know he hired a criminal to advise him, he's too stupid to govern this country. That could very well be, he bought billions of dollars of jets, with no engines. He and his Conservatives, are in contempt of the House. I say, kick the @$$-#*!+, right off the planet. He is too stupid, if he thinks we will swallow that codswallop.