Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Couple of Campaign Questions. . . .

One question I have that no one seems to be asking in the media is: "How exactly are Conservative operatives getting access to the facebook pages of people who attend Conservative rallies??Very few people have totally open facebook pages so unless those individuals friended those operatives then the only way that they could have gained access to such pages is by hacking the accounts of those people. Maybe these young women did have totally open Facebook pages but this seems strange given how much talk there is of maintaining a modicum of privacy on Facebook. Why is no one asking this question??

Another thing that I find interesting is that yesterday the Liberals rightly fired a candidate named Andre Forbes for suggesting that Natives are lazy. Conservatives jumped all over this story obviously. However, at least the Liberals immediately fired him! The Conservatives are fine with their people saying that Natives are lazy as my own candidate Pierre Poilievre said on CFRA radio. By the way he also used the phrase "Tar Baby" in the House of Commons. No one fired Mr. Poilievre for these remarks! He didn't even receive a dressing-down by his party leader. I am no big supporter of Mr. Ignatieff, but if one is looking for the party of bigotry and hate, one need look no further than the party presently in power.

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