Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We are Winning the War. . . .

Whenever I would get down about the world and the difficult struggles to make human society better in the face of those who would keep us down, my father would always remind of something.

"Remember," he would tell me, "the forces of conservatism may win many of the battles, but we progressives have always been winning the war."

And he was right of course. Despite the best efforts of conservatives we progressives outlawed slavery. Despite conservatives' efforts, women won their democratic rights. Regardless of conservatives, we progressives won the right to organize, have safer workplaces, and the right to a minimum wage. Thanks to progressives gay people have the right to marriage in many places and these rights will continue to increase. Despite conservatives' efforts we have the right to vote and the Great Writ. Despite what conservatives want, we are slowly winning the war of civilization. Sometimes it feels like one step forward and two steps back, but we are winning the war for rights, equality, fairness, justice, and democracy. The conservatives win their share of battles but the very fact that your children don't work in coal mines for 16 hours a day the way conservatives wanted to keep them, means we are winning the war. And we will continue the fight.

I miss you Dad, but I am still fighting, and your grand-daughter will keep fighting after I am gone.

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