Monday, April 11, 2011

Can you Trust John Baird?

So speaking of the G8 draft report that is making such a big impact on the political narrative today, John Baird came out today to deny all charges of wrongdoing. But amid his quickly organized talk to the media John Baird talked about "seeing a later draft of the report." Really? Few people seem to be picking up on this but Mr. Baird should never have seen such a draft. Copies of these drafts are ruthlessly guarded and numbered and only certain people would have access to them and that would not include the government House leader.

There are sure are a lot more questions than answers in this election.

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Owen Gray said...

So true. Given what other nations have spent, the numbers don't pass the smell test.

And given the government's misquotation of Ms. Fraser, things are getting more putrid.