Saturday, April 23, 2011

This Just Demonstrates that the Liberals deserve to Lose.

I must admit that I shouldn't be surprised by the atrocious Liberal ad against Jack Layton. Common sense should suggest that after years of such ads used against them by the Conservative Party, the Liberals would know better.

This ad could have been crafted by the worst elements in Harper's cadre. Proof positive of what so many of us have been saying for ages now - the Liberals really are just the flip side of the Conservative Party. Ignatieff will lose and he deserves to lose. He has supported the Conservative government over and over on issues vital to workers and families. During the election campaign he has tried to portray himself as far left of where he is, and now the Liberals are using typical Conservative tactics as soon as they see a threat from a party that actually has alternative policies to the Tories.

And for all those Liberals hacks who have the gall to incriminate the NDP in the process, it just won't do. Yes, Layton and the NDP have been critical of the Liberals but that critique has been soundly based in real policy issues. Fact: the Liberals are the party that really started the entire corporate friendly tax approach in the 1990s. Fact: the Liberals have consistently supported the Harper government on issue after issue including a number of anti-union and anti-labour issues. These have been the thrust of NDP criticisms of Ignatieff and the Liberals. The Liberals can run from the their record of supporting the Conservatives but it is the job of the NDP and others to keep this record in people's minds. But this latest Liberal ad is just a typical Conservative-style fear-mongering ad that has nothing to do with reality. The Liberals can no longer accuse the Conservatives of being the party of fear-mongering because they have fallen into line as I expected they would.

If you wake up after the election and find a Harper government or a Liberal one, will it really make any difference? Not nearly as much as the LPC would have you believe.

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